About Us

We offer qualified professional sign language interpreting services for a wide variety of settings and service user. Our interpreters are graduates of recognized programs and members of The Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI).

NICA also provides extensive support through consultation and advocacy for organizations, government, employers, educators, families, friends and those who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing or DeafBlind in assessing safety needs, assistive technology and environmental inclusivity. We also host American Sign Language (ASL) courses that are both accredited through the Signing Naturally curriculum or custom built to specifically suit your needs. We engage in providing Cultural Sensitivity and Accessibility Awareness sessions, as well as a full range of accessibility audits. NICA also is trained in Audio Description and Voice Over for persons that have vision loss or blindness.


The NICA Way

NICA establishes equitable accommodations by placing professionals that build mindfully inclusive environments.

We aim for excellence in all we do while also recognizing that we are all, first and foremost, humans. Our standards of services are that the delivery holds compassion, fairness, professionalism and accountability. Therein, persons using our services can find meaningful engagement.

We embrace new professionals, as they are our next generation, and we strive to give them development opportunities with caring Mentors.

NICA will triage requests that are emergent in nature.

NICA will endeavour to respect Interpreter preference when possible.

We firmly believe in Collaboration and Allyship that enhances service user’s understanding of diverse inclusion needs or access to resources. NICA acts as Ambassadors to bridge communities. We address hearing fragility to enhance awareness.

Although we work on a fee for services basis, there are also times we work with alternative compensations.

We celebrate challenging the damaging systems that surround us, in order to affect change that is long overdue. 

Safe Spaces Policy:

NICA reserves the right to refuse service should an environment or persons therein become unsafe for our presence.


Our goal is to support the recognition, growth, inclusion and celebration of Deaf Arts and Theatre in Canada.