Professional Sign Language Interpreters

We provide interpreting and intervening mainly on a "fee for service" basis.
(* Denotes a possible referral to other resources)

Just some of the areas we serve: 

  • Theatre/TV/Film/Media & News

  • City of Edmonton

  • AB Works/AISH/PDD/Child & Family Services/AB Government

  • Service Canada/Passport Office/CRA/Employment Insurance/Canada Government 

  • Interviews/Business/Employer/Staff Meetings/New Hire Training

  • Education/Workshops/Training/Presentations/Conferences

  • WCB (including from injury to claims to rehabilitation)

  • Human Rights Commission

  • Police/Legal/Court*

  • Medical/Mental Health*

  • Weddings & Funerals*

All of our Sign Language Interpreters are graduates of recognized interpreter training education programs and are active members in the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI - formerly Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada). Our Interpreters are regularly monitored for ongoing customer satisfaction.

NICA proudly supports and Mentors newly emerging Interpreters in the field. They are our next generation!



NICA provides expert Consultants to address accessibility, accommodation and inclusion for all persons. Some of the areas we cover are employment, education, family needs, assistive/augmentative technology assessment, organizational inclusion, policy and procedure review, safety assessments and much more.


ASL Video Translations, ASL/Deaf Culture Courses and ASL Tutoring 

NICA can provide your written English content in an accessible ASL format. We can create ASL Video Translations, so that those persons’s who’s first language is American Sign Language (not English) can access your information in a format that truly is understandable and accessible. This works amazingly well for website content, policy and procedures, advertising of accessible events and many other things.

NICA provides both accredited and non-accredited ASL courses. We deliver the recognized Signing Naturally curriculum with Certified Instructors, as well as custom designed courses that specifically address your direct needs as a learner of the Language and Culture. We also have private Tutoring available for for friends, families and caregivers of Deaf, hard-of-hearing and DeafBlind persons, ASL students and Interpreters aiming for further professional development. 



If you, someone you know, or an organization needs support navigating a given situation that is causing discrimination or exclusion of persons, please reach out to us. NICA may be able to support you directly or with referral to other resources available to remedy your plight. Dignity, respect, access and Human Rights are everyone’s Right in Canada.

NICA embraces challenging the systems that no longer work in our collective best interests. As diverse citizens, we are all deserving of equitable access and accommodations. Life shouldn’t be a constant battle. A rich and fulfilling environment should be available for everyone.


Human Rights violations are not accidents; they are not random in distribution or effect. Rights violations are, rather, symptoms of deeper pathologies of power and are linked intimately to the social conditions that so often determine who will suffer abuse and who will be shielded from harm. 

- Paul Farmer



Inclusion Project Coordination & Accessibility Audits 

NICA provides extensive project management abilities. Outreach and coordination is essential to building strong feedback loops that establish transparency of needs and ongoing improvement of systems or organizations. If you have a major project to undertake and need support with outreach, accessibility and inclusion, please contact us. We also conduct Accessibility Audits. NICA Consultants hold great expertise in assessing and creating improvements towards full inclusion for our diverse population.